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The Guest Pager Note has a removable clear cover to insert custom marketing messages as needed. The Guest Pager Note is popular with businesses that regularly introduce new products and services or host promotions and events. Features include a digital number display window, a variety of LED color options, and various modes to customize lights and vibration.


  • (1) LRS Guest Connect Note pager (RX-AT9) that may be numbered via an LRS Transmitter on-location. The Guest Pager Note is LRS' most modern and durable design with a wide bumper to better absorb shock.
  • Removable clear lid to insert and update promotional messaging. 
  • Rechargeable battery life is 24-hrs on a single charge. 
  • Digital number display window that may be self-programmed to any number of choice; and a variety of LED color options to choose from (red, blue, green, ice white, and multi-colors). 
  • Popular with restaurants and businesses with customers waiting for goods or services; such as beauty salons, doctors' offices, automotive shops, and others. No installation required, simple DIY set-up.

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