Motorola CLP 1010 - 1 Channel Radio - With Headset


We are currently experiencing extended delivery delays from Motorola for this radio. If you'd like to place an order and wait for them, please contact us at 800-577-8101.

The Motorola CLP 1-Channel Two-Way Radio operates over 90 selectable frequencies and across a range of 160,000 square feet (16 floors.) Pair that with up to 14 hours of continuous use from its rechargeable lithium icon battery for crystal clear, reliable communications.

Features: 1 watt/.5 watts 1 channel Embedded antenna 90 built-in frequencies Lithium ion battery

Package Includes:

  • One (1) Motorola CLP 1-Channel UHF Radio
  • One (1) 1130mAh Li-ion Battery
  • One (1) Swivel Holster with 2.5" Spring Belt Clip
  • One (1) Drop-in Charging Tray with AC Adapter
  • One (1) Owners Manual
  • One (1) Swivel Earpiece with PTT 1-Year Limited Warranty

Perfect for: retail, hospitality, medical, and smaller fast-casual and casual-dining restaurants. Eliminates overhead announcements on PA systems, providing a calmer atmosphere. No installation required, simple DIY set-up 24/7 support, 1-year warranty on all parts

Exclusions: Not applicable outside of the USA due to frequency channel regulations, this product is not allowed to be sold, installed, re-sold or distributed internationally (outside the Continental United States.)

Restrictions: All online orders are restricted for purchase and use within the USA only. LRS is is not responsible for any pager or business communications product purchased via the web for use outside of the USA. The warranty with manufacturer is voided for any product used outside of the USA.

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