ALPHA Staff Pager


The LRS Alphanumeric Staff Pager is a great option for sending employees a message and alerting them when needed. The pager has simple menus and provides unique features like auto on/off and deleting messages. When coupled with LRS applications like NetPage Unlimited, more advanced features like group paging, task management, and other options are available. 


  • (1) Alphanumeric Staff Messaging Pagers (RX-E467) that will be pre-assigned number 1 unless specified by contacting an LRS sales or reseller representative directly to place and order. Recommend calling to indicate the assignment of pager number(s) needed.
  • 4-line, 200 character display that holds up to 25 messages. Vibrate, beep, and other alert modes; and may support up to 5 staff groups when sending group messages.
  • Operates on a single AAA battery, and the on/off switch allows for increased battery-life; plus there's a low-battery indicator.
  • Optional pager cradle for attaching to the hip.
  • No installation required, simple DIY set-up and easy to program.

Exclusions: Not applicable outside of the USA or Canada due to frequency channel regulations. International sales requests outside of US and Canada are handled directly by LRS at 1-800-437-4996 or

Restrictions: All online orders are restricted for purchase and use within the USA and Canada only. LRS is not responsible for any product purchased via the web for use outside of the USA or Canada, warranty is voided for any product used outside of the USA or Canada.

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