LRS Connect for Customer Engagement (Monthly)



LRS Connect provides the ability to rapidly deploy a fully integrated solution for engaging customers in a contact-free manner. In support of the need for social distancing, mobilizing your company to engage your customers in a contact-free manner outside is the best way to assure the safety of both your staff and your customers. By utilizing your entire parking lot and surrounding area to provide curbside services, you ensure the highest level of capacity for your business or service. Whether you are engaging patients, customers, diners, or shoppers, we enable you to immediately alter your operational model to provide the best service possible.



LRS Connect List  is a cloud-based platform for managing guest flow or staff communications. Perfect for large organizations to notify waiting guests or contact staff quickly. LRS Connect List can scale as large as the cloud. Communicate via an LRS pager or SMS text. Manage multiple waitlists across many departments or services. Move guests from one list to another as they proceed through their visit. Offer guests a self-check-in either on-site or remotely to speed up registration processes. Also useful for managing curbside pickup, to-go orders, and enforcing social distancing while still being able to serve your customers. 

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Features Include: 

  • SMS
  • Paging to an LRS Device
  • Customization options for any vertical
  • Multiple Lists for both Guest and Staff
  • Page All Functions
  • Auto Paging Functions
  • Customer self check-in