LRS Pronto One-Button Push-for-Service System

PFS P1B Kit 1

Number of Pronto Push Button Transmitters

(1, 5, 10, 15 and 20 Pronto Push Button kits available)

The LRS Pronto one-button paging system gives customers or staff the ability to request assistance from someone on-site immediately. With the touch of a button, a silent page is delivered to anyone in your building wearing an LRS messaging pager. The Pronto single-button paging system includes one LRS wireless Pronto transmitter and one battery-operated LRS messaging pager that features a display screen that can receive text messages with up to 200 alpha or numeric characters. Includes your choice of up to 20 pagers.

The LRS Pronto is the ideal solution for smaller offices of 2,500 square feet or less, such as medical offices needing to page staff when assistance is needed in exam rooms, or any situation where a staff member is on-call to help customers or others at a moment's notice. The Pronto transmitter can be placed on a desktop, wall-mounted, or even hidden under a counter to discreetly send notifications.


  • Includes: (1) Pronto One-Button Transmitter (TX-PRONTO-1PS), (1) Alphanumeric Staff Messaging Pagers numbered 1 (RX-E467), and software program kit to set-up your devices.
  • The battery-operated pager uses 2AA alkaline batteries (lasts up to 6 months), alerts manager when power is low, can receive a four-line message up to 200 alpha or numeric characters, and can hold up to 25 messages.
  • The Pronto transmitter is made of heavy lexan plastic, and transmits within closer proximities of approximately 2500 square feet.
  • 24/7 support, 1-year warranty on all parts, additional pagers and parts sold separately.
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